3.0 Expand Madrid

March 24 – 25, 2022

Our Investor Day in Madrid, Spain, celebrated our community of disruptive founders, limitless LP, and an entrepreneur-centric approach.  Here we listened to our management team and company executives who discussed how they are changing the face of the economy with generational shifts while we support them, this event forecasts how we help position us for the upcoming market to be an Early and Growth Stage VC during 2022.
An introduction to the larger IDC Ventures team by friendly faces and operational direction for deal flow regionally and throughout the ecosystem.  The unveiling of the LP Portal was a precursor to reports on the Year_End Fund Performance. 
With the Hard Cap achieved and the capital deployed, our investments into 20 portfolio companies and one sister fund brought strong multiples of the value received in both the Flagship Fund and the Fintech Growth Fund.  Movement through Digimarc (Nasdaq: DMRC) acquisition of Evrything, Tomorrow acquired by Ethos (backed by Sequoia Capital), Curve attracted Fintech Icon Betsy Cohen to participate in a Safe Note, RecargaPay entered into negotiations with several SPACs, CookUnity is receiving a new round with a higher valuation as it reaches $200M ARR, Merqueo expanded to three new countries, Leal became Rakuten’s first LATAM investment, and Lunar the stellar challenger banking app received a $2B+ valuation.
The event then took a journey to deep dive into both the investment thesis of IDC Ventures, how it will land, expand and consolidate opportunities to optimize exposure to winners, letting winners run to further growth while maintaining corporate governance and validation through appropriate board seats.  While some missed on our thesis, others that were too small to be relevant show great potential for future growth into potential game-changers like CookUnity and Curve, with expected returns of the entire fund thanks to a combination of solid performance and high exposure. 
Exciting portfolio simulations on the consolidations and exit scenarios from Curve, CookUnity, Lunar, Merqueo, Tradeshift, and Brandhouse were delivered by CEOs.  Cocktails were provided after the meeting.