2.0 Expand Madrid September 30 – October 1, 2021

Madrid’s event was filled with a fastidious understanding of the economic climate during the pandemic, where Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain were explored with copies of the new book by Carlos Domingo on the subject being shared.  A celebration of an investment thesis by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs was well received through presentations from fund founder Bobby Aitkenhead and others.

Tasty stand-up breakfast with founders started around brunch time followed by IDC Ventures Managing Partners Bobby Aitkenhead, Michael Bühlmann, and Alejandro Rodriguez then Compara Encasa the digital insurance broker shared the journey of its CEO.  McKinsey advisors provided an in-depth framework for successful businesses.  Then IDC Ventures used Cookunity to deep dive into its investment thesis and sample the founder-based understanding of an entrepreneur-centric approach.  Crowdcube with $1B assets under management in the UK shared insights from their CEO Darren Westlake.  

A quick lunch and then a trip to Merqueo, the grocery super app followed by a fireside chat of Spain’s Bipi journey to exit.  IDC Ventures Fund II investment thesis and warehouse deals gave the official launch by its Managing Partners.  Finland company Kodit.io shared how to obtain maximum flexibility with zero hassle in buying o rrenting a home.  The evening wound down with a sunset rooftop cocktail party.

The second day was encapsulated by growth in Flagship Fund I and the performance of the Fintech Growth Fund.
The stellar challenger banking app presented its reign over antiquated enterprise fintech, while Hastee showed how it became the EU leader in Earning on Demand.  The morning presentations were well framed by the afternoon’s IDC Ventures investment thesis on Super-Apps theory.  

The event’s finale was delivered by Ubiipagos, businesses leading payment partner, and Mudafy, enabling tech in the broker industry.  A late lunch and social gathering of like-minded people helped build a strong community for founders to share their experiences in various stages of growth to exit.